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Are you tired of being lied to by mainstream media? This site is for you!

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By combining your efforts with those of other news buffs, info junkies, weather teams, storm trackers, YouTubers, Facebook pages, dispatchers, rescuers, and scanner enthusiasts groups that have formed to help each other find the truth about what is happening in today’s word, you can help us get to the truth and know what’s going on before the corporate-sponsored governments and mainstream media outlets of the world can skew the truth to fit their narrow, self-serving narratives.

The name of this site was inspired by CrowdSourceRescue.com, who opened-sourced rescue and relief efforts to save lives beginning with Hurricane Harvey.

CrowdSourceNews.us is open-sourcing the news! The webmaster’s intent is to set up a wiki-style page for each world news incident or event where any logged-in, registered user can post to help compile facts – preferably from social sources – into a single page. We will also compare our version of the story with the mainstream media’s narrative.

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How do we make sure everything posted is the truth? We don’t. Our objective is to get the information to you so that you can decide for yourself.

We do have some guidelines for our guest contributors and editors. Please always cite and attribute any quoted sources and refrain from speculation. Questions should be posed as questions, not stated facts. Everything should be questioned. Do not attack other members’ personalities in posts or comments.

Treat everyone here with respect, even if you disagree with what they have to say.

We have GEO-location services enabled to help you find information relevant to your location where available.

Submit News Here << http://crowdsourcenews.us/submit-news/ >>

We are configuring an email newsletter, and we hope to offer the options of a daily digest OR live alerts as they happen.

Most of our content links away to other sites.  To retain readers and to measure our growth this site is in subscriber-only mode. Subscription is free. Please register with an email address  that you check or a social media account so we can alert you to news and updates!

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Our Zello channel is zello.com/crowdsourcenews

We Extend a very Warm Welcome to All Members of these fine Zello news teams:

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The world is a safer place because of your dedication.

Disclaimer: All content found on this site is the expressions and opinions of the individual authors. The owner(s) and staff of this site assume no responsibility for the content posted here or fed by other users and sites and no guarantee is made with regard to the accuracy of any information found here.

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